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Residential Electrical Services in Columbus, OH

Property owners know that electrical problems warrant a call to a licensed electrician. The electrical problems may seem minor, but they could lead to a multitude of electrical hazards. When installations become faulty, you must get proper services to eliminate the hazard to prevent house fires and other safety hazards.

Many homes do not have all the electrical installations they require according to building codes. These code violations could increase property damage and personal injuries for the owners. A licensed electrician can inspect the electrical system based on the current issues. If there is a serious hazard, an electrician can fix it quickly and prevent fires. Property owners can review all the great services provided by electricians to see what options they need now. 

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Annual Electrical Inspections

An electrical inspection is vital to keep the electrical system working properly. It reveals any existing building code or electrical safety regulation violations. If there are any existing violations, the property owners need to set up repairs or new installations. If the property was built before the 1990s, it may need a circuit interrupter installed. Electric Medic services will include a quote for the component in their inspection if it is an older property.

Setting Up Repair Services

Electrical repairs are a must if there are any current electrical problems. An electrical specialist will identify any issues affecting your home’s electrical system. You can explain to one of our electricians what signs you’ve noticed recently, and then we troubleshoot the electrical system to find the problem. Once we know what is going on, our electricians provide you with a full estimate for all repairs your home needs. 

Electrical Panel Services

A Residential Electrician provides new electrical panel installations. The new circuit box provides updated circuits that accommodate new electrical installations. An upgraded panel will provide copper wiring that is safer for the property and distributes energy more efficiently.

The homeowner gets a replacement for all their aluminum wiring – which is outdated and increases electrical hazards for the owner and their family. It’s an ideal solution for owners who are renovating or adding new rooms to the property. 

Electrical Outlet Installation

An Electrician near you can install new electrical outlets or upgrade existing products. If the owner notices heat coming from the outlet or temperature changes around the outlets, the outlet is faulty. Warm spots around the outlet are a telltale sign of a problem with the circuit.

This could lead to a serious electrical fire in the home. It is recommended that the owner set up a new installation any time they notice significant temperature changes around any outlet. The replacement will have a new ground and won’t cause a house fire. 

Professional Lighting Repair 

New lighting installation improves the lighting in the living space and eliminates common problems. Loose wires in lighting fixtures could cause a fire or other electrical problems. By replacing a faulty lighting fixture, property owners eliminate risks. 

They can also update their lighting and get better choices such as centralized lighting, track lighting, or recessed lighting. These are great choices for a kitchen. The owner would also get dimmer switches for rooms such as living rooms or theater rooms. Our electricians can improve the lighting and give the property owner better choices for their living spaces.  

Where to Get Electrical Services

Electric Medic offers superior electrical services for all property owners in Gahanna, OH, and the surrounding area. We provide complete inspections, repairs, routine maintenance, and new installations. Electric Medic has a history of exceptional services, and we guarantee all the electrical services that we provide. Property owners can learn more about Residential Electrical in Columbus, OH, by contacting Electric Medic for an appointment now!

Property owners must schedule a variety of electrical services as a homeowner. Even if they don’t have any current issues, it is recommended that property owners set up an annual inspection to find problem areas. Pests in walls could cause damaged wiring that increases the risk of fires and explosions. They can also stop some electrical products from working. 

Electrical professionals understand the importance of building codes and electrical safety regulations. If an electrical system doesn’t comply with these requirements, changes must be made or the property owner could face some serious penalties. 

Electrical systems could become overloaded if they do not have a circuit interrupter to prevent overloads. The electrical professionals can inspect the electrical system and determine if the existing installation is working properly. By hiring an Electric Medic professional, homeowners get peace of mind that their electrical system works as expected. 

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