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Having a hot tub or a pool installed at your residence is an amazing way to provide true relaxation after a tiring day. Once a luxury only available to the upper class, these aquatic havens have become much more affordable, so everyone can enjoy this opportunity for tranquility and comfort. However, an amazing pool or hot tub will not be so delightful if the electrical systems powering the temperature controls or filter systems have not been properly installed.

If the electrical systems for your hot tub or pool have not been set up correctly, they can dramatically drain the electrical power in your home, causing utility bills to rise and stopping other electrical appliances from functioning optimally. Worst of all, improperly grounded bodies of water can lead to horrible consequences of electrical shock. Never take this chance — instead seek out crucial pool and hot tub electrical services provided by our licensed technicians at Electric Medic.

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Making Sure That Your Hot Tub Has Proper GFCI Installations

One devastating problem that often occurs in hot tubs — particularly those not set up by trained professionals — is that they are not always carefully outfitted with the right ground fault circuit interrupters (also known as GFCIs). This can lead to terrible accidents, and even fatalities. These crucial devices are required to be safely installed for any hot tub, according to The National Electrical Code. Without these safeguards, you or your loved ones could succumb to deadly electrical shocks. All GFCIs that are malfunctioning or have become too old must be rapidly replaced by our dedicated technicians.

Immediately get in touch if you observe that your hot tub’s GFCI breaker:

  • Refuses to trip when the test button is pushed, remaining dead or warm to the touch
  • Trips without resetting the power immediately after
  • Trips, yet stays blistering hot when you touch it 

Why You Should Seek Professional Pool Grounding

During the scorching days throughout the summer months, it is extremely enjoyable to cool off with your family and friends by jumping into a refreshing pool. Having a pool is the perfect way to host events as well, such as barbeques and parties. Before anyone can make a cannonball off the diving board, however, it is crucial to make sure that your backyard oasis is provided with superior grounding. 

In order to operate all of the essential functions that keep your pool in its prime — whether this means controlling chlorine levels, filtering the water of algae and bacteria, or keeping the water at a comfortable temperature — there needs to be a reliable electrical system in place. These elements can lead to electrocution if you do not have dependable grounding networks, which serve to safely conduct the charge into the ground. Before you begin splashing in your pool, always ensure that it has been checked by our professionals at Electric Medic for essential grounding support.

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