Electrical Panel Replacement In Columbus, OH

Homeowners install new products to improve the way their electrical systems work. Breakers are likely to trip if they are overloaded. This safety feature prevents an explosion or fire in the home. It is a sign that there aren’t enough breakers for the home and changes or upgrades are needed. 

We recommend a new circuit breaker installation to accommodate your home’s electrical systems more effectively. The changes can even help you install more appliances or electronics in your home. And, new panels can provide you with a safer electrical system. 

Upgrades are vital for homeowners that have older systems. Installing a new system could provide you with more breakers and options for upgraded home features. Our electrical professionals can provide you with recommendations for new panels and add more features that make their home more enjoyable. You could improve your home and add value, too. 

Improving Electrical Safety

An Electrician near me can improve the electrical system by installing a new circuit box. Our electricians understand all building codes and electrical safety regulations. When installing any new electrical systems, your home must follow the codes and regulations. Electricians may need to get a permit to complete the project and set up an inspection once they have finished the installation. If there are any issues, the electrician will need to correct the problems before the owner uses the new system. 

Increasing Breaker Sizes and Quantity

More breakers accommodate more electrical services and systems. You will need more breakers if you are adding new outlets into your home. Most larger appliances require dedicated power sources, and they must be on their own breakers. When updating appliances, the owner may need new breakers to accommodate the new installations and provide adequate power for the product. If more than one major appliance is set up on a breaker, it could overload the breaker and cause electrical issues. 

Old and Outdated Circuit Box

An old and outdated circuit box that is at least 20 years old needs to be replaced to prevent electrical hazards. Once the installation becomes too old, several issues could arise. It may violate building codes and electrical safety regulations. When conducting an inspection, our electricians will evaluate the condition of the circuit box. If it is too old and worn, homeowners should set up an electrical panel replacement today. 

Completing Home Renovations

Home renovations are great reasons to get a new electrical panel. When adding new rooms or making changes, a new panel could provide dedicated power to more rooms and outlets. The owners will need outlets and light switches for the new areas. Our electrical professionals can complete a new installation and give all the connections a separate breaker. 

Preparing to Sell The Home

If you are planning to sell, you will need to update an outdated electrical panel. Buyers are more likely to purchase a home with a new wiring system. They are less likely to buy your home if they have too many upfront costs like updating the electrical. A new electrical panel could increase the value of the property and give the owner more of a return on their investments. 

Replacing Aluminum Wiring 

By replacing aluminum wiring with copper, the home is safer. Aluminum wiring is not safe according to electrical safety regulations. By replacing the wiring, the homeowner faces fewer risks. The update can decrease hazards like electrical fires. Copper wiring is considered safer and more effective in electrical systems because copper is more stable and a better conductor than aluminum. It could increase the value of the property, too. 

Where to Get Services

Electric Medic provides exceptional electrical services for all property owners in Gahanna, OH, and the surrounding area. We offer complete inspections, routine maintenance, repairs, and new electrical installations. We have a history of delivering superior workmanship and guarantees all the services they perform. Property owners can learn more about setting up Electric Panel replacement in Columbus, OH, by contacting Electric Medic now.

Property owners can get safer electrical systems by upgrading their electrical panels. The changes can improve the way electronics and appliances work. New panels accommodate more electrical connections and provide a separate breaker for each product. It can improve electrical safety and prevent hazards and fires. 

Electrical professionals understand all electrical codes and regulations. We will install new electrical systems according to these standards. Some electrical connections will require a permit and inspections. We will complete a new panel installation quickly and effectively. We won’t make mistakes that could prove costly later. By hiring an Electric Medic professional electrician in Columbus, OH, you will get a sound installation that will last many years. 

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