How To Baby-Proof Your Home’s Electrical Outlets

Thousands of children hurt themselves each year by inserting objects into outlets, sticking their little fingers in them, or getting wrapped up in electrical cords.

According to the U.S CPAC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) as many as 24,000 children were sent to the ER because of unprotected outlet incidents over a ten-year span.

Baby-proofing can seem overwhelming, but it's well worth the effort. We will help you know everything about babyproofing your home.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Electrical Outlets

GFCI OUTLETS (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter) can significantly lower the possibility of an electric shock. GFCIs monitor the flow of electricity through wires, and when the device senses any variation from the usual current, it shuts off the flow of electricity to the outlet completely.

AFCI OUTLETS (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) work by keeping arcs from forming in your electrical system. An arc fault is when loose wire connections or corroded wires cause sparking or arcing, which may create heat and the potential for electrical fires.

Try Outlet Covers

A simple way to keep your child away from harm is installing outlet safety covers on your outlets. The covers will keep kids from putting their fingers or foreign items into the electrical sockets.

Install Tamper Resistant Receptacles.

One of the best ways to keep children safe from electrical shocks is to have tamper resistant receptacles installed.These outlets close themselves off from anything but plugs and are more effective and proven in keeping children safe compared to plastic covers.

Tips For Babyproofing Electrical Cords

Children can use cords to find an outlet, get a wire wrapped around themselves creating a choking hazard, chew on the cord suffer an electric shock, or trip.

What can you do to keep them away from your child?

Keep furniture and other larger household items to form a barrier around your electrical cords.

Buy a cord-shortener or cover that will provide you a receptacle to store your cords.

Tape or otherwise adhere your cords to the floor. You can also cover them with carpets.

Tips For Babyproofing Power Strips

Invest money in a power strip cover as these are designed with an opening on the side which will allow the cords to come through uninterrupted. You may also choose to use plastic outlet covers on the outlets on a power strip.

Educate Your Child on Electrical Safety

Make sure to teach kids about safe practices when dealing with electricity.

Few things you can do to build a foundation for electrical safety in your home:

Don’t place their toys or other colorful looking items near electrical outlets.

Make sure they have clear boundaries about who’s allowed to unplug or plug in electrical appliances or turn on/off lamps or other devices.

Don’t leave electrical devices plugged in when you’re done with them.

Allow your children time to use electrical devices under adult supervision.

We at Electric Medic care deeply about your family’s safety. We are here to not only make repairs and installations in your home, but to provide needed electrical safety device and preventive options.

If you're wondering about options when it comes to electrical safety in your home, schedule an appointment with us!

We will be happy to help.

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