Generator Surging

Generators are so beneficial but at times they can give trouble.

One such common problem is that of surging.

What Is Surging?

When a generator displays clear fluctuations at intervals it is referred to as surging. The intervals can follow a clear pattern, or can be random.

Let’s understand this better.

A surging generator will often make lights burn much brighter, then much dimmer rapidly, resulting in a sort of flicker back and forth.

In machinery, there may be drastic changes in pace as well, such as a fan running faster and then slower.

What Causes Generators to Surge?

There are numerous causes for generator surging, like as follows:

Poor maintenance-Your generator should be put through its paces frequently, ideally every month.

This ensures nothing begins to rust, settle, or fall into disrepair from lack of use.

Also, all generator repair should be handled quickly and professionally.

Poor generator repair can lead to a slow death for your generator!

Incorrect fuel use, fuel levels, and fuel quality in gas/oil generators- Your generator is designed to use specific fuel sources, and anything apart from that may cause operation problems along with irreparable damage.

Failing capacitor or other components. A failing, damaged, or aging capacitor can create major fluctuations in the regulation of power supply and distribution by your generator.

Age -Generators are built to last for a long time, but not forever. If your generator is experiencing surges and is quite old, it's best to consider replacing it.

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