All You Need To Know About Your HVAC Air Filters

What Are HVAC Air Filters?

HVAC filters are usually made from cardboard and cloth that filter the air that goes in and out of your HVAC system. They are inserted directly into your HVAC system and need to be changed regularly.

What Do HVAC Air Filters Do?

Air filters make sure the air coming into your home is clean, as well as help your HVAC system work efficiently.

Without air filters, your home would be filled with dust and harmful bacteria. The air filter is able to remove all these before they enter your home.

Without new, clean air filters, there can be several consequences, including:

Letting contaminants build up in the duct area

Needing frequent heater repairs

Burning out your HVAC system fast

Increase in monthly energy bills

Maintenance For Air Filters

Knowing how important air filters are to your health and your HVAC system, understanding their maintenance is vital.

Air filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly with the correct size and model.

The first thing to know is how often you need to replace your air filters. Depending on how large your air filters are, you may need to replace them every 3 months, 6 months or maybe annually.

The next is knowing the kind of filter you have. The size and model number are very important, as they ensure they will fit correctly in your system.

There is also the possibility of cleaning your air filters, as opposed to replacing them.

This depends on the type of filter and the HVAC system you have.

However, it is recommended to replace the air filters, as this is the most efficient way to keep your system running.