How To Deal With Electrical Problems Common In Summer.

With summer around the corner there can be some common electrical problems we may face.

Let’s take a look at some of them and how you can avoid them.

System Overload-Usually with the Air conditioning going full power and certain summer appliances like pool pumps and lights, one may end up dealing with overloading and tripping circuits.

In such situations it is best to get your home’s electrical capacity assessed and upgraded if needed.

Power Surges-Using all the high power appliances like air conditioner, washing machine, dishwasher, etc can result in a surge that can make your breakers trip or cause a temporary shut down of power.

It is advised to minimize the concurrent usage of heavy powered appliances or have an electrician asses to see if you need a panel upgrade or wiring upgrade. If the breaker is tripping its because there is not enough power available on one circuit which can be fixed by running a dedicated line to the circuit.

Heavy rains and storms- In summer one can experience much rain and storms resulting in power outage.In such cases a portable generator can be helpful, however investing in a whole home generator will enable everything powered in the house including refrigerator, air conditioning etc.

Lightning can cause surges and damage to electrical devices.It is best to unplug these devices during a storm.

It is also recommended to invest in a surge suppressor which will enable all excess and sudden charges to be sent to ground, rather than sent through your wiring.

For any electrical assistance for dealing with electrical problems you may face during summer, the team of licensed electricians at My Electric Medic are there to help!

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