When is a good time to replace the wiring of your house.

Reports according to the National Fire Protection Association, mention that more than 45000 homes in the U.S.A have a fire outbreak due to electrical fault.
It is extremely important to replace old electrical wiring of your home if you see any signs of danger.

Below are some signs to watch for that indicate it’s time to replace your home’s electrical wiring:

  • Circuit breakers and fuses that keep tripping -If you’re regularly tripping breakers or blowing fuses, it means that your home’s demand is more than the system can take.
  • Dimming lights - If your lights dim or flicker when you switch on an appliance. This indicates that the old electrical wiring cannot power the electrical items inside your home.
  • Stained outlets - If your electrical outlets are stained or discolored then it implies your home is experiencing surges in power, posing a fire risk.
  • Burning odor - If you detect a burning smell in any outlet or switch that means an electrical fire has started, mostly caused by short circuit.
  • Switches or outlets that give shock - When an outlet or switch gives shock on touching is a good indicator that something is wrong and a proper wiring examination is necessary.
  • Buzzing switches or outlets - Electrical switches or outlets giving out a buzzing sound could mean that there is loose wiring in the electrical box and needs to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent damage.
  • Old houses - Any home which is 40 years old or more has electrical wiring that is outdated. It needs evaluation to know if it’s time for replacement of the wiring.

In all the above cases, it is crucial that you take help of a licensed electrician who can perfectly assess the electrical problem and fix it correctly, ensuring your safety in the future.

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